San Francisco International Airport Community Roundtable Coordinator Image

San Francisco International Airport's (SFO) Community Roundtable is recognized as one of the most successful aircraft noise roundtables in the United States. For more than 29 years, the SFO Roundtable has worked to solidify relationships between the local community and the airport by providing a forum for concerns and solutions.

Specializing in airport noise concerns, ESA coordinates the Roundtable, providing meeting facilitation, organization, technical and administrative support, and strategic guidance. Our team developed a strategic plan in collaboration with SFO Roundtable members to focus the group's time and energy, and to ensure it will continue to foster positive relationships with nearby communities, SFO, FAA, and the airlines for years to come.

ESA's collaborative approach, leadership, and facilitation continues to build on the SFO Roundtable's legacy of success.

Specialized Services

  • Community outreach programs
  • Project website; social media management and communication materials development